Protect Yourself b4 u Reck Yourself

Shawn Pratt

According to the
Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research (MFMER)
1.)  Protect yourself from the sun
SPF of at least 15..every two hours.. generously. Avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Cover your skin with tightly woven long-sleeved shirts, long pants and wide-brimmed hats.
laundry additives give ultraviolet protection
2.)Don't smoke
Skin look older and contributes to wrinkles.. decreases blood flow and makes skin paler..depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients damages collagen and elastin…fibers that give your skin strength and elasticity which are the fibers that give your skin strength and elasticity
3.)Treat your skin gently
Daily cleansing and shaving can take a toll on your skin.
Limit bath time: Hot water and long showers or baths remove oils from your skin  Avoid strong soaps: strip oil from your skin. Shave carefully: protect and lubricate your skin, apply shaving cream, lotion or gel before shaving  Pat dry: gently pat or blot your skin dry with a towel so that some moisture remains on your skin. Moisturize dry skin: use a moisturizer that fits your skin type with spf
4.) Eat a healthy diet
It helps you look and feel your best. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins & a diet rich in fish oil or fish oil promotes younger looking skin and plenty of water helps keep your skin hydrated.
5.)  Manage stress
Uncontrolled stress can make your skin more sensitive and trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems. Get enough sleep, set reasonable limits, scale back your to-do list and make time to do the things you enjoy.
{Mayo Foundation for Medical Educ & Research (MFMER) June 2018}